Well Surveillance

  • Keep well under close surveillance during cleanup flow and initial production to determine if objectives are met
  • All surface parameters (FWHP, FWHT, BSW, density) to be monitored closely if well cannot be out on test at all time
  • Perform IPR / VFP analysis using the latest data to determine productivity
  • Carry out bottom hole pressure surveys (reservoir and flowing) as soon as possible after well is cleaned-up
  • Perform PBU survey to determine skin if production is below expectation

Typical Objectives of Well Test & Surveillance would include:

  1. Well health maintenance
  2. Depletion strategy / reservoir management optimization
  3. Reduced reservoir uncertainty.
  4. PE and idle well restoration
  5. Future development cycle.

Tools Required

  1. PPS Gauge
  2. MIT

Type of Well Surveillance

  1. Well Test
  2. Flowing Gradient Survey (FGS) – Pressure survey
  3. Static Gradient Survey (SGS) – Pressure survey
  4. Flow Build Up Survey (FBUS) – Pressure survey
  5. Multi-Finger Imaging Tools (MIT)
  6. Multi Rate Test (MRT)

Last updated: 17th Jan 2019

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