The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle — Book Summary

A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

The Power of Now

Let us discuss a bit on The Power of Now. A still mind is a portal to our deepest self and oneness of Being. Being is defined as an open concept that embraces the eternal, ever-present One Life. Yes, it might seem kind of complicated, hence the reason why it took me almost 2 years to finished reading the book.

However, we can feel Being when we are fully present and attentive in the Now. Realize that the present moment is all you ever have.

“You can improve your life situation, but you cannot improve your life…It is already whole, complete, perfect.”

excerpt from The Power of Now

The transformative joy of Being brings inner peace and connects us to something greater than ourselves. This awareness occurs when we tap into our true nature and natural state.


Our thoughts blocker

Our thoughts, our the ceaseless self-talk tends to block the experience of Being. Thinking and engaging in planning, worrying, judging and explaining frames the world as a place of conflict and problems. That mental process creates the illusion of separateness. Separateness in you, whereby there’s you, and there’s the other. We can notice this when someone said, “I can’t live with myself anymore.”. Which makes no sense, as if there’s another you, inside of you.

“The more you are able to honor and accept the Now, the more you are free of pain, of suffering – and free of the egoic mind.”

excerpt from The Power of Now

So watch the thinker, that voice in your head that hates silence. Focus on the repetitive thoughts that re-live past situations or worry over the future. Become a witness to thought rather than the thinker.

Connect with the presence that lies beneath thought to experience a new dimension of consciousness. Watching the thinker robs thoughts of their power.

“When you are present, when your attention is fully and intensely in the Now, Being can be felt, but it can never be understood mentally.”

excerpt from The Power of Now

We will experience pauses in the thought parade, a brief period of “no-mind,” which “is consciousness without thought.” Even if these gaps occur for only a few seconds, they bring inner peace and joy: the “oneness with Being.

With practice, these feelings can deepen and last for longer periods of time. To become fully present, focus on the Now. Give your full attention to everything you do, no matter how mundane. Stop what you are doing for a moment to observe your breath going in and out of your body. Becoming intensely aware of each moment brings you into the Now.


Life situation: A case of Presence Versus Unconsciousness

“True salvation is to know yourself as an inseparable part of the timeless and formless One Life from which all that exists derives its being.”

excerpt from The Power of Now

Our “life situation” derives from psychological time. By dwelling on negative past events or hoping for a better future while denying the Now will keep us unhappy.

Hence, pay attention to our life – Now – what happens at this moment. Use our senses to look, see, listen, feel, acknowledge and accept. Let go of the past, and worry not about the future.

Ordinary unconsciousness

Ordinary unconsciousness refers to those who dwell mostly in the egoic mind and are unmindful of Being. Unrest, discontent and anxiousness haunt their lives. When they face a major challenge, it threatens their ego. They enter a state of “deep unconsciousness.”

External events trigger the pain-body, and they feel negative emotions – anger, fear or depression. Instead, you can bring consciousness into your daily life. Focus acutely on the present. Monitor your mental and emotional states. Make the unconscious conscious by letting it rise to the surface.


The positive or negative

We always tend to be things as positive or negative. But, circumstances are neither of these things; they simply are. Accept the power of Now, and dropped the good and bad label. Acknowledge what is.

Resisting makes the present moment into an enemy. Let “positive action” arise from acceptance instead of anger or frustration. “Surrender does not transform what is, at least not directly. Surrender transforms you.”

As you surrender to what is, feel infused with the “source-energy of Being.” Examine the realities of an unsatisfactory situation, and decide if you can change it, improve it or withdraw from it. Take appropriate action or, if none is available, surrender deeply and feel resistance leave your mind-set. “Through surrender, spiritual energy comes into this world.”

Personal remark

This book is highly rated. But I truly struggled to finish it. Maybe it would mean more for Christians. I personally can’t really relate to the book’s key messages. The only valuable take away for me, form The Power of Now, is that the presence of the Other.

Nonetheless, I would recommend the book to any believing Christian. It would still be a good read. Although it didn’t work for me.



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