The carrot-and-stick motivation approach

“When we activate optimal motivation for ourselves, we provide more than a role model – we create a ripple effect that encourages our people’s optimal motivation.” The carrot-and-stick approach to motivation might work in the short term, but most likely… Read More ›


Common writing mistakes that make you seem really unprofessional

Clear, impactful, and grammatical prose makes you look professional. Spelling and punctuation mistakes, vague or misused words, and other writing gaffes make you look, well, unprofessional. Here are eight common writing mistakes that you should avoid  —  or correct  —… Read More ›

Custody Meter Accuracy & Performance Requirement

Here is the general requirement for accuracy and performance requirements for custody metering: (1) Liquid Flow Meter Calibration: Linearity and Repeatability The flow meter repeatability after five (5) consecutive runs shall agree within ±0.025% at each flow rate point. The… Read More ›

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