Work-life balance

Levels of Trust

So, What is the ‘levels’ of trust? Well, if we were to consider examples of low trust scenarios. (1) The likes of a prisons are entirely “no-trust,” places where coercion and punishment forces inmates to behave. (2) Dictatorships are low-trust… Read More ›

Self-Awareness Competencies

Mindfulness Meditation builds mindfulness, which builds self-awareness. As we become self-aware, we will develop several useful competencies. The first is “emotional awareness,” the ability to identify our emotions and how they affect us. The next is “accurate self-assessment,” how to… Read More ›

Sleep Revolution

My notes on The Sleep Revolution by Arianna Huffington. Sleep Breakdown Sleep is a fundamental human need. Technology, even sleep-inducing technology as a culprit in widespread sleeplessness and warns of ambition and misplaced priorities as the reasons a broad populace… Read More ›

What are Junk Jobs?

Empty jobs are any positions in which the workers believe their works has no meaning, helps no one, and contribute nothing back to society, or they’re jobs that workers know existing technology could easily do.