Umar Al-Khattab

Umar In History

During the ten years of his rule from 634 to 644 A.D., Umar changed the course of history. Emerging from the deserts of Arabia, the Arabs fortified with the faith of Islam overpowered the Byzantine power in the west and… Read More ›

The Coarse Food That Umar Ate

It is related that once ‘Utbah bin Abifarqad came to see Umar at his house. ‘Utbah was an eminent Companion. When he was announced Umar was taking his meals. ‘Utbah was asked to come in. Umar wanted ‘Utbah to share… Read More ›

Wives And Children Of Umar

Before his conversion to Islam, Umar had three wives. These were: (1) Zainab bint Mazaun Jamiah; (2) Malaika bint Jarul Khuzai; and (3) Qariba bint Umayya Makhzumi. When Umar was converted to Islam, Zainab alone accepted Islam. After the Hudaybiah… Read More ›

When Allah Corroborated Umar

Many instances are on record when Umar gave a particular opinion and that opinion was later on corroborated by Allah and conurmation thereof was communicated to the Holy Prophet through Gabriel. That is why the Holy Prophet repeatedly said: “God… Read More ›

Umar’s Gift Of Forecasting

Umar was blessed with the gift of forecasting events by playing upon the meaning of words. When on the eve of the battle of Nihawand, the Governor of Kufa sent a messenger to Umar, he forecast the coming events by… Read More ›

Umar And Sufism

In “Kashful Mahjub”, Ali Hajveri has assessed Hazrat Umar as a Sufi. The assessment of Ali Hajveri is in the following terms: “He was specially distinguished by sagacity and resolution, and is the author of many fine sayings on Sufism.”… Read More ›

Sayings Of Umar

Umar was known for his great knowledge and wisdom. He often expressed his thoughts in words conspicuous for their wisdom. A number of his sayings have come down to us, and these show the depths and dimensions of his thoughts… Read More ›