Be Bold and Ready to Take Risks

ever become too comfortable in your job – If you feel that you’re in an easy rut, strive to find and take on new challenges. Remember this basic truth: “The status quo is your enemy.”


10 Laws of Trust

“Law 1: Start with Personal Integrity” “Law 2: Invest in Respect” “Law 3: Empower Others” “Law 4: Measure What You Want to Achieve” “Law 5: Create a Common Dream” “Law 6: Keep Everyone Informed” “Law 7: Embrace Respectful Conflict” “Law… Read More ›

Trust Equals Faith

What is trust? Trust is a basic requirement for all human activity. Trust connotes optimism. To demonstrate trust, you must show faith in someone or something else. Trust implies voluntary vulnerability.  Trust means taking risks, often before you have proof… Read More ›

What is trust?

What is trust? Trust is defined as the belief that a person intends to do the right thing (character) and knows what to do and how to get it done (competence). Character + Competence = Trust When your team members… Read More ›

Tips for winning trust

Your intentions can make a difference in how well you build trust with others. People won’t believe you will do the right thing unless they’re convinced you genuinely want to do it. Therefore in order to communicate your good intentions: Talk explicitly… Read More ›

How to earn others’ trust?

When people trust you, they’re more inclined to accept your ideas. That’s because they see you as believable, well informed, and sincere. They believe you have their best interests at heart. They perceive that you’re open to ideas, but not… Read More ›

Rebuilding lost trust

As a leader or a normal human being, you’ll likely need to rebuild damaged trust at some point in your career or life. Here is some of the steps which can help you in doing so. In order to address… Read More ›