Argument Natural State

Based on “Winning Arguments” People may strive to get along and cooperate but, most of the time, eventually, arguments will prevails. Even when all parties seem to reach a resolution, their agreement rarely lasts. International agreements, peace accords, trade deals… Read More ›

Quotes on Arguments

“Marital arguments erupt when a conversion goes out of control – things being said that shouldn’t be said.”

NVC-style Conflict Resolution

Some further details on NVC NVC-style conflict resolution differs from other methods of resolving disputes. Traditionally, conflict mediators focus on issues while offering an outside perspective to help the involved parties reach an agreement about those issues. With NVC, the… Read More ›

Compassion for Ourselves

Related readings before we proceed to this article. Nonviolence Communication (NVC) A language of life NVC Interactions Compassion NVC can help you develop compassion for yourself. Those who have trouble responding with compassion to others often also fail to treat… Read More ›

NVC Interactions

Nonviolence Communication (NVC) A language of life Applying these principles of self-expression as we listen to others means we would be able to “receiving emphatically.” Listening with our “whole being.” Give up our preconceptions about the people we’re hearing. As… Read More ›