World Economic Forum Book Club featured list.

At the moment, apparently I have read none of the book in the featured list and I intend to read through some before end of January 2019. It seems of the books are novel, I’ve rarely read novels except those… Read More ›


A River in Darkness by Masaji Ishikawa (Book Review)

One man’s escape from North Korea. An escapee shares the brutal, vivid details of his 36 years in North Korea. Masaji Ishikawa’s bru­tally vivid mem­oir of life in North Korea de­picts sor­row, hunger, de­pri­va­tion, cold and loss. This short and in­tense por­trait which evokes the hor­rors… Read More ›

"Academic Arguments" and its strict boundaries

While anything goes in political and marital arguments, academic arguments, like legal ones, occur within strict boundaries. Academics have few documented rules to guide them; their strictures are mostly unspoken.  Academic arguments earn praise for their “originality,” and academic lose… Read More ›

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