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(Big Data) The Human Insights Missing from Big Data

The Talk Note In ancient Greece, people asked the Oracle of Delphi life’s greatest questions. She would listen, slip into a trance and eventually make a prediction. The future is unknown and frightening and people believe in a prophecy alleviates… Read More ›


(TED) Plucky Rebels Being Agile in an Un-Agile Place

Notes What is a “plucky rebel”? Pluckiness means being optimistically determined. Plucky rebels don’t lead others on suicide missions and they are not so positive that they lose credibility. The word “rebel” pertains to the nature of start-ups. If you’re not being rebellious,… Read More ›

(TED) How to Break Bad Management Habits Before They Reach the Next Generation of Leaders

Leadership coach Elizabeth Lyle is concerned about the future of leadership. She realizes that today’s middle managers “our pipeline of future talent” are adopting the bad habits of their superiors. These traits are ill-suited for leading organizations of the future, where “speed, flexibility, trust and cooperation”… Read More ›

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