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Some wisdom on life and living

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Best picture of the century?

It was considered the best photo of this century. A lioness and her cub were crossing the savannah but the heat was excessive and the puppy was in great difficulty walking. An elephant realized that his cub would die and carried him in his trunk to a pool of water walking beside his mother. And we call them wild animals.

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“Repentance is a key. And Taqwa [awareness and fear of Allah] is vast. And Uprightness [Istiqama] is the source of rectification. Furthermore a servant is never free of either blunders, or shortcomngs, or lassitude. Therefore never be neglectful of Tawbah [repentance], and never turn away from the act of returning to Allah [subhanahu wa ta’ala], and never neglect acts that bring you closer to Allah [subhanahu wa ta’ala]. Indeed, every time one of these three occurs, repent and return.”

– Imam Ahmad al-Zarruq al-Shadhili rahimahullah-

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Quotes with real power to inspire

Make no mistake about it. Bad habits are called ‘bad’ for a reason. They kill our productivity and creativity. They slow us down. They hold us back from achieving our goals. And they’re detrimental to our health.
— John Rampton —

Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.
— Paul J. Meyer —

Each minute is a little thing, and yet, with respect to our personal productivity, to manage the minute is the secret of success.
— Joseph B. Wirthlin —

Being productive gives people a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment that loafing never can.
— Zig Ziglar —

Very narrow areas if expertise can be very productive. Develop your own profile. Develop your own niche.
— Leigh Steinberg —

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Quotes from Niccolò Machiavelli’s The Prince

“A man who wishes to profess goodness at all times will come to ruin among so many who are not good.”

“Since it is difficult to be both together, it is much safer to be feared than to be loved… Men are less hesitant about injuring someone who makes himself loved than one who makes himself feared.”

“A prince can never make himself secure when the people are his enemy, because there are so many of them; he can make himself secure against the nobles, because they are so few.”

“Those who…become princes through their virtue acquire the principality with difficulty, but they hold on to it easily.”

“Although someone may have the most powerful of armies, he always needs the support of the inhabitants to seize a region.”

“It cannot be called virtue to kill one’s fellow citizens, to betray allies, to be without faith, without pity, without religion; by these means one can acquire power, but not glory.”

“There is no secure means of holding on to cities except by destroying them.”

“Anyone who becomes master of a city accustomed to living in liberty and does not
destroy it may expect to be destroyed by it, because such a city always has as a refuge
in any rebellion the name of liberty.”

“Men…are ungrateful, fickle, simulators and deceivers, avoiders of danger, and greedy for gain.”

“The prince must read histories and in them consider the deeds of excellent men.”

“Ordinary people are always taken in by appearances and by the outcome of an event. And in the world there are only ordinary people.”

“Everyone sees what you seem to be, few touch upon what you are.”

“A certain prince…preaches nothing but peace and faith, and to both one and the other he is extremely hostile. If he had observed both peace and faith, he would have had either his reputation or his state taken away from him many times over.”

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Key Quotes from Way of the Wolf: Straight Line Selling

A book by Jordan Belfort. Master salesman Jordan Belfort has done consulting work for more than 50 public companies. His two international best-selling memoirs The Wolf of Wall Street and Catching the Wolf of Wall Street  have been published in more than 60 countries and translated into 25 languages.

Key Quotes

  1. “The Straight Line System [levels] the playing field for anyone who’d been held back from achieving greatness.”
  2. “If I were a superhero, then training salespeople would be my superpower.”
  3. The Straight Line System “will show you how to shorten your sales cycle, increase your closing rate, develop a steady stream of customer referrals and create customers for life.”
  4. “The human ear has become so adept at recognizing tonal shifts that even the slightest one can have a dramatic impact on the meaning of a word or phrase.”
  5. “We can be proactive when it comes to choosing our emotional state, as opposed to reactive, which is what most human beings have been conditioned to think is our only choice.”
  6. “When it comes time to ask for the order…the closer you’ve gotten your prospect[s] to a 10, the better chance you have of closing them.”
  7. “Be actively building rapport throughout the entire sale, 100% of the time, without ever letting your guard down.”
  8. “You are capable of becoming proficient at anything you put your mind to.”
  9. “If you spend the next few minutes focusing on everything that’s great in your life…then you’ll quickly pop into a positive, empowered state that reflects all those wonderful things.”
  10. “If you screw up the first four seconds, you have another 10 seconds, at most, to play catch-up ball, but after that, you’re completely done.”
  11. “Act as if you have unmatched confidence, and people will have confidence in you. Act as if you have all the answers, and the answers will come to you.”
  12. “People don’t buy on logic; they buy on emotion, and then justify their decision with logic.
  13. “Even if you’re not in sales, you still need to become at least reasonably proficient at sales and persuasion.”