Process Improvement

Key take-away

  • Plan a business process improvement
  • Analyze a business process
  • Redesign a business process
  • Implement a redesigned process
  • Continually measure, monitor and adjust the process (PDCA)

Understand Business Process Improvement

In order to achieve lasting improvements, adopt a business process mindset.

Plan a Business Process Improvement

Once you’ve recognize the need for business process improvement, define your project goals, create a schedule and assemble your team.

Analyze The Process

After you define your process improvement project and team, move to the next phase. Analyze the process and research for the best practices available.

Redesign the Process

In order to redesign a process, envision the ideal first.

Brainstorm options as a team, then test the best with stakeholders.

Implement the Process

When you are ready to put the improved process into action, acquire resources, address obstacles, and finally, roll it out.

Continually Improve the Process

Ensure that the redesigned process continues to deliver the results you want by continually monitoring and optimizing its performance.