NVC-style Conflict Resolution

Some further details on NVC NVC-style conflict resolution differs from other methods of resolving disputes. Traditionally, conflict mediators focus on issues while offering an outside perspective to help the involved parties reach an agreement about those issues. With NVC, the… Read More ›

Tips for speaking with confidence

Pace Setting. Make sure to be in control of your pace. Remember to speak slowly enough for listeners to follow but quickly enough to sustain their interest. Use a low-pitched voice. Many people interpret a low-pitched voice as authoritative and influential. Likewise,… Read More ›

What are listeners’ communication modes?

We need to understand that different people have different wiring which cause everyone to have different thinking, personalities and characters. Therefore, it is inevitable that different people respond best to specific communication modes that persuaders can use. To persuade others,… Read More ›

What is credibility?

What is Credibility? Credibility is the quality, capability, or power to elicit belief. And it’s the cornerstone of persuasion. That’s because when others see you as credible, they’re more likely to commit time or resources to your idea or proposal…. Read More ›

The power of persuaders

Effective persuaders have the power to: Capture an audience Sway others’ opinions Convince others to see things from their perspective Get others to support their ideas Convert opponents to their cause

What is persuasion ?

What is persuasion? Persuasion is a process which enables you to change or reinforce others’ attitudes, opinions, or behaviors. Persuasion can be used for A single event. For example, you present a business case for a new product idea to a group of… Read More ›