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A moment of prayer for the massacre in Sudan

There is a massacre happening in Sudan and the world is silent.There was more news coverage of an empty building that burnt in Paris than there is about 100 bloated bodies found dead in the Nile.  Ya Allah help our… Read More ›


How Managers Can Overcome Their Personal Biases

You can’t manage others if you can’t manage yourself.  And for any manager, effective self-management requires a certain level of professional self-knowledge. Achieving that can be trickier than it sounds, given the human tendency to overrate one’s own abilities and… Read More ›

Refuge: The Neighboring Nations

When Europe and North America turned their backs on Syrian refugees, much of the obligation fell on neighboring nations. Iraq accepted 200,000 Syrian refugees, while Jordan and other middle-income countries also took on thousands of exiles they couldn’t necessarily afford. Uganda, likewise, embraced a generous approach… Read More ›

Refuge: To Flee or Not to Flee

No society is perfect. In the United States, African-American men are at greater risk of police violence. In Saudi Arabia, a woman who commits adultery might face public execution. In Russia, dissidents who denounce Vladimir Putin may find themselves jailed, or worse. But regardless… Read More ›

Ketegasan Umar Abdul Aziz Terhadap Arak

Ketegasan Umar Abdul Aziz Terhadap Arak =================== 1. Khalifah Umar Abdul Aziz adalah di antara contoh terbaik dalam menangani isu arak di zaman beliau. Menurut al-Qurtubi, Umar Abdul Aziz dikatakan pernah menghukum Muslim yang duduk bersama peminum arak. Apabila ditanya… Read More ›

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