Malaikat pun buat silap?

Malaikat Tidak Melakukan Kesilapan ================ 1. Dalam aqidah Islam, jumhur ulama’ menegaskan bahawa para Malaikat itu tidak melakukan kesilapan. Pandangan ini dinyatakan oleh al-Qadi Iyyad dan Al-Imam al-Suyuti. Mereka berhujah dengan dua ayat daripada al-Quran (Surah al-Tahrim: 6 dan Surah… Read More ›

Refuge: The Neighboring Nations

When Europe and North America turned their backs on Syrian refugees, much of the obligation fell on neighboring nations. Iraq accepted 200,000 Syrian refugees, while Jordan and other middle-income countries also took on thousands of exiles they couldn’t necessarily afford. Uganda, likewise, embraced a generous approach… Read More ›

PETRONAS wins again

PETRONAS wins for the 5th time Formula One World Constructor’s Championship The Formula One World Constructors’ Championship or WCC is awarded to the most successful Formula One constructor over a season by point systems based on Grand Prix results. Constructors’ Championship… Read More ›

AI in HR?

These ex-employees aren’t outliers; more than two-thirds of all workers surveyed report leaving a promising new position within half a year. A smile from a co-worker might have made all the difference is what 17% of workers who quit a… Read More ›