(Blogging) Social Networking

“Often, a dedicated landing page is a much simpler version of the standard Web page.”


Road to Resilience

Resilience is “bouncing back” or adapting from difficult experiences. Resilience can be learned and developed. Here among the ways to build our personal resilience Make connections. Participating in civic groups, faith-based organization, or other groups may provide social support and… Read More ›

Dealing with a difficult boss

Bosses can be difficult in a wide range of ways. For instance, they may constantly change their minds, be unavailable, or micromanage every aspect of their people’s work. Some might even verbally abuse employees or manipulate direct reports with promises… Read More ›

How to attract people to you

There’s a good chance that at least some people you’d like to initiate networking relationships with especially highly successful individuals or those far advanced in their careers have overly full calendars. Understandably, they might well ignore emails or other messages… Read More ›

How will network help you

An effective network will help you: Access information and resources that may not be available publicly such as a new product’s release date or the qualities that a particular employer looks for in job candidates. Tap into a wide range of… Read More ›

Why Network?

The world is changing due to globalization of economy and marketplaces and due to the decreasing cost of internet of things. We live in a globalized economy, and organizations are operating across borders everywhere either physically or through an online… Read More ›