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RM 600 Salary before Made it to Millionaire


I came across this great interview by Maukerja Malaysia. I think there’s a lot of benefit offered in this short video clip.

Here’s what i can summarized, in English, for the benefit of wider readership.

  • Always opt for a job with better learning curve & experience ! Always focused on gaining knowledge and experience first. Money will come later in great abundance.
  • Just as Jim Rohn always said, your future can always change if you change ! Because there is really no such thing as something for nothing. Nobody is going to hand you something for nothing. You will always need to work hard for what you want.
  • Do what you love and love what you do. Because, the opposite is a suck life. Can’t imagine going to work you hate for 35 years.
  • If you have ZERO experience, you literally have nothing much to offer to the company. The company will ‘waste’ a lot of time and money to train you to get you up to industrial standard.
  • First 3 years of your career is the learning phase. Among the things you need to learn are your career trajectory, specialization, learn about your industry and how it works, learn about your own ambition and personal ambition (self-discovery).
    • Always looks for new experience and networking !
  • 2-secrets to increase your worth !
    • FLEXIBILITY –Ability to do things that you are not familiar with but tried your best nonetheless.
    • ATTITUDE – Go the extra mile, put in extra effort (extra means you are not paid to do the extra work, volunteer!). This is not an exact quote from the interview, but i recall this one from one of my all time favorite books, Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hills.

Well, that’s it. Hope you find this beneficial.

Please add on if you have anything beneficial to share.

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8 Things to do in your 20s to become Millionaire

In this world of today, the uncertainties that come with 20s age can really not overemphasized. It almost seems impossible to youth to being up to ten million rich. That’s the age when you are either in school, working, single, and above all trying to figure out what path to take in your future life.

It is no rocket science to make lots of money and earn a comfortable life as there are ways to achieve the perfect life you have always dreamed of. Following are the deduced very valid points for a wealthy life and can be put up in consideration for becoming rich.

Focus on earning:

Bringing in income is easier as there are so many high-paying jobs that can help to earn a good amount of money. The first step is to focus on earning and increasing in increments and then repeating the process.

Multiple streams of income:

The best way to increase you income is to find more and more streams of income. The additional streams of income can be the stock market investment, part ownership in a side business or the real-estate rentals.

Save to invest more:

The only way to use your saved money securely is to invest it into sacred untouchable accounts. Develop the habit of not using these accounts even in the case of emergencies because only this way you will be able to increase your income. Learn to live with the money you are contributing and do not and constantly set aside money.

Stop showing off:

Until your investment start producing multiple secure flows of income, don’t show off your money by purchasing new cars or houses. There are so many millionaires who drive ordinary cars and lived in ordinary homes and focused on increasing their income.

Change your mindset:

For becoming rich, you will have to change your mind set about making money. Rich people believe that making money is all about thinking. I would recommend you to check and change your mind-blueprint on money, because we act and think consistently with out mind-blueprint.

Invest in yourself:

This is regarded as the safest investment. Your investment to yourself will bring absolute results. Listen to podcasts, read 30 minutes daily, listen to all kinds of topics. For becoming a millionaire, you need to be a well-rounded genius.

As Jim Rohn said, work harder on yourself than you do on your job, because that is the only way you can bring more value to your time and yourself, hence, paving the path to making more money.

Hang out with people you admire:

Surround yourself with talented people and listen to their thoughts. Their experiences will make you learn more than books you read. Or at least read and follow the biography of those whom you admire.

On high moral conduct and leadership i would recommend you reading on The Final Messenger, Muhammad PBUH.

Aim high:

For becoming a millionaire, you need to think big. There is no shortage of money on this planet therefore aim for more than million and focus on attaining it.

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Network Marketing – How To Be A Good Sponsor (part 1)

How many times have you been approached by someone who wants to get you on a three way phone call? Better yet how about the person who wants to tell you about a great system they are using that will show you how to get hundreds of leads daily to your network marketing business? Unfortunately you may have just come across anetwork marketing recruiter. These folks are very quick to tell you how great their compensation plan.

They will also tell you in their 20 years in network marketing they have never seen any comp plan compare to it. They will even tell you that timing is everything. They will fill your head that you are in the right place at the right time and your prayers have been answered.

The problem is that network marketing recruiters know exactly what hot buttons to hit to tap into your emotions. These people are pushy. Have you ever tried to say no to something only to have the salesperson keep asking you and then they try and make you feel bad because you are saying no. You know the jerks I am talking about.  These people don’t care if your behind on your bills. Their only focus is to get you into a buying decision.

Network Marketing Isn’t All Bad

There are many benefits to being an independent distributor. You have tax benefits for owning your own business. You can set your own hours of work. You income is only limited by your own efforts.  In the network marketing industry you will earn what you are worth guaranteed. To some this is a great thing, to others not so good.  The thing is most people who join a MLM join because they think they are going to get rich quick.

They think that if they just do xyz the money is just going to materialize right before their eyes.. Even worse they think that their *sponsor is going to do it for them.  The one and only reason why these folks think this way is because they just got suckered by the professional recruiter. Then after the smoke clears and they realize that there sponsor is no where to be found. They quickly tell the world how network marketing is a scam. This happens every single day of the week.


Ever hear the saying if you want something done right you have to do it yourself? This applies to building a strong network marketing team. You are the example the person that joined your business has. To often you join a business and never hear from the person that brought you into the biz.

A good sponsor is a person who loves to teach and help others. If you want to see true residual income in your network marketing businesses you need to attract other people who are interested in network marketing.

You are not looking for new customers. You are looking for other folks who want to start a home based business. It is these “Home Business Folks” that you have to mentor on ways to build their business.

I am a big fan of Internet Network Marketing. To make money online requires that you learn how to market like Internet Marketers do. The reason why so many people fail in the network marketing industry online is because they end up getting recruited and not sponsored.  A good sponsor knows that they build their business 1 person at a time.

Network Marketing Recruiters SUCK!

The best way to learn how to be a good sponsor is to find someone to sponsor you. Once you have a good teacher, pay attention to what they are teaching you.  You will start to make money online in your business once you know what you are doing.

Many people make the mistake of thinking first the money will come then they can learn how to be an expert. Unless you are actively pursuing your education you will end doing one of two things.

1. Spending way more money than you have too. (Been there done that!)

2. Simply give up defeated, broken and angry.

So do yourself a huge favor and learn how to be a good sponsor.  The better sponsor you are the more money you can make. Don’t rely on systems to get you better. A good sponsor will spend time on the phone with you, reply quickly through email response etc..

To be continued…


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The Millionaire Mentality

While J. Paul Getty believed that luck, knowledge and hard work were all necessary (with an emphasis on hard work) to become a millionaire, he insisted the single most required trait, is the millionaire mentality.

In his book, How to Be Rich: His Formulas,Getty also talked about the four categories that most men fall into. Which category do you fit in?

“The Millionaire Mentality is one which is always and above all cost-conscious and profit-minded.”
–J. Paul Getty

Category 1

People who will only work entirely for themselves.

Category 2

People who prefer to be employed by others, but share in the profits.

Category 3

People who are content to work for others with a set salary, and perhaps a small increase in wages from time to time.

Category 4 

People who work for others, but have no concern about the overall financial health of the company.

I belong firmly to category 1 and prefer to hire category 2 types while partnering with other category 1′s. There is definite value in employing category 3 types, that generally work under supervision of category 2 people.

Do you possess the millionaire mind?

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Believe it or not, one of the most important indicators of whether you can become a millionaire is how you think. Yes, a large part of financial success begins with your mind.

What are your thoughts about money and wealth? Do you think like the wealthy? To help you find out, I have listed some of the key mindsets shared by all millionaires.

Millionaires are not afraid to take risks.

Many of us fear change and would rather settle on the easy path – the one of least resistance. This path will never lead to wealth. Millionaires are millionaires because they do things differently from most people. They are willing to take risks (calculated ones) and responsibility for whatever the outcome.

Millionaires are positive thinkers.

This does not mean they are Pollyannas who deny that things can go wrong. It just means that by default they expect things to work out. Millionaires are realistic positive thinkers.

When they create a plan, they anticipate what might go wrong and develop a strategy for coping should that plan go south. This way they decrease their level of failure. And their high success level reinforces their assumed expectations that things will work out in the end.

Millionaires cope well with failure.

Failure is an inevitable stumbling block on the road to success. Every millionaire has failed at some point, and because they play with high stakes, they’ve probably had some very big failures (remember when Donald Trump was 900 million in debt?)

However, the difference between millionaires and most people is that they don’t dwell on their failures. Instead, they accept them as part of life and make a point of learning from them.

They are creators, not victims.

Millionaires don’t passively sit around accepting whatever happens to them. If they’re not happy with their current financial situation, they take action. For example, when Donald Trump lost his fortune, it’s highly doubtful he was spending all his energy dwelling on how much money he lost and how he’d never get it back. Instead, he was more likely thinking, “What do I need to do to right now to create enough money to be a millionaire again?”

Millionaires are leaders.

A follower doesn’t typically come up with a million dollar business idea. And if they do, chances are they won’t act on it. Millionaires think like pioneers. Their minds are always open to the next great opportunity they can turn into a reality. And once they have an idea, they effectively harness the energies to materialize it.

If you want to be a millionaire, you should begin thinking like one. Your mentality colors your entire perspective of the world. And once you begin seeing possibilities where you once saw dead ends, you’ll be surprised at how much abundance there really is to go around.