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Metering Uncertainty Percentage %

The normal metering uncertainty (A) For Custody Transfer Liquid ± 0.25% Gas ± 1.00 % (B) For Allocation Liquid ± 1.00% Gas ± 2.00% (C) For Reservoir Management Through Well Testing, and for Operational & Requirement Liquid ± 10.00 %… Read More ›


What’s 3 metering system categories ?

Metering System Categories Custody transfer – forms the basis for contractual arrangements between sellers and buyers, different producers and owners and government. Allocation – meant for allocation or production entitlement involving two parties or more. Well test / Operational –… Read More ›

What meter used for liquid hydrocarbon transfer purpose?

Turbine Meter & PD Meter Turbine meter and positive displacement (PD) meters are normally used to measure liquid hydrocarbon for custody transfer purpose. Turbine meter has been the meter of choice for measuring liquid hydrocarbon for custody transfer and allocation… Read More ›

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