How to Fix a Broken Heart?

Key Points of the Ted Talk: During a heartbreak, your usual coping mechanisms fail and your instincts could lead you astray. Understanding on how your thoughts and behaviors can undermine your recovery. The lovelorn behave like addicts seeking a fix,… Read More ›

How isolation fuels opioid addiction?

Based on Ted Talk by Rachel Wurzman (Neuroscientist), though her non-profit SeekHealing, Rachel Wurzman aims to reduce opioid overdose rates by building communities that are inherently resilient to addition.

The Gift and Power of Emotional Courage

A great Ted Talk by Susan David (Harvard Medical School psychologist who studies emotional agility) which focuses on society’s “tyranny of positivity” wich demands that cancer patients stay upbeat, that women never show anger and that boys never cry. Which according to Susan David, a… Read More ›

Calm your brain during conflict

Our bodies are designed to respond to all kinds of threats. Unfortunately, the self-protective “fight or flight” mechanisms that serve us well when we face physical danger can prevent us from dealing constructively with less-deadly situations such as a heated… Read More ›