How to sell your ideas?

Here are some ideas on how to sell your ideas to your organization decision makers or your client. Know Your Idea (Don’t just assume you knew it) This may sound like common sense, but it’s often something people don’t give… Read More ›

Tips for a better Web conference

Most organization prefer web conference more than physical meeting in an effort to reduce operational cost while maintaining and achieving the desired result. In addition, current technology would offer such solution at remarkably affordable price. Provide multiple ways for people… Read More ›

Following up post-meeting

Following up effectively after a meeting can ensure that the decisions made and ideas generated during the meeting get put into action. To follow up, identify next steps, communicate them to meeting participants and stakeholders, and evaluate the meeting’s effectiveness…. Read More ›

The proper way to end a meeting

Use these steps to end the meeting in a way that provides a sense of closure: Summarize. Briefly summarize what’s been accomplished. Clarify the action party. Clarify what comes next including action items and who’s responsible for each. Plan the way forward. Schedule… Read More ›

How to participate in a meeting

When You’ve Got an Idea When you think you might have a good idea but aren’t overly confident about it, start with a caveat, such as: Have we thought about…getting Steve involved in the PR campaign directly? Did anyone mention…the… Read More ›

Tips for leading a meeting

Remember your responsibilities as leader of the meeting. As you conduct a meeting: Monitor your own level of participation to make sure you’re not dominating the discussion. Control interrupters and dominators, so everyone can contribute. Be positive and encouraging about… Read More ›