(Marketing) The 16 Hot Buttons

This is one of my old notes from studying marketing. I’m haven’t been practicing marketing, and trying to restart practicing marketing again.

How to research your rivals?

Study their marketing materials. How do your competitors present themselves? What is innovative or appealing? What’s not being said? Examine media coverage. What are people saying about your competitors? Look at traditional journalism, as well as at influential blogs, widely followed Twitter… Read More ›

Elements of a marketing strategy

A good marketing strategy supports your business core values and its overall business goals. It aims to create long-term brand value, rather than just short-term sales gains. To develop a marketing strategy, you need to identify: Who your target customers… Read More ›

The buying journey

In the past, marketing experts usually envisioned the buying process as a linear funnel. David C. Edelman. “Branding in the Digital Age: You’re Spending Your Money in All the Wrong Places.” Harvard Business Review, December 2010. Today, the buying process… Read More ›

Push vs. pull marketing

Marketing communications aim to influence the consumer in one of two ways, that is either they “push” or they “pull.” In push marketing, you “push” the product out into the marketplace by directly soliciting customers to buy from you. Examples of… Read More ›