Give Up our Self-Defeating Self-Talk

If we think positively no matter how poorly life treats us, we gain the opportunity to elevate ourselves.

Conversely, if we think negatively, any bad experience will make us feel so much worse.

Therefore, we really need to pay attention to how we feel.

If we feel harmonious, our thoughts are coming from a place of peace and honesty.

If we feel that others don’t love us, or don’t consider us worthwhile, our thoughts could be coming from an internal feeling of fear. 

Give Up Living Our Life According to Other People’s Expectation

Never let other people opinions hinder us from going down the road we think we should travel.

We should choose the life we want even if it aggravates other people. We can offer others only as much as we give ourselves.

If we don’t find peace from within, we won’t be able to experience peace with others. 

Strive to make ourselves joyous and to see our life as important.

Always and continues to work wholeheartedly on what we think matters most. 

Give up Complaining

Complaining is fun. But . . .

Complaining makes us feel deprived as it encourages the illusion that our life can’t change unless the outside world changes significantly.

Trust that our perception of the world actually depends on how we feel internally. Therefore, try to understand why we need to complain.

Once we have that insight, we can abandon complaining and move to a state of inner contentment. 

Give up Blaming Others

if we persist in blaming, we will lose our own sense of vitality.

We need to remember that only we can choose the kind of life we want to live.

Therefore, if we persist in blaming, we will lose our own sense of vitality.

But, if we were to abandon blame and accept the fact that we alone have fashioned the kind of life we have, we will gain the ability to do remarkable things.

Here what we should do

Make a list of all the things for which we’d like other people to accept responsibility and the reason why.

Then, pardon them all for their failures, and start doing what we truly want.

Also, make space in our heart for affection and tranquility as a replacement for all the blame we put on others.

Is it easy?

Of course not, but as I mentioned before, we are all a work in progress, the goal is always to become the better version of ourselves with continuous daily improvements.