Life Principles

Road to Resilience

Resilience is “bouncing back” or adapting from difficult experiences. Resilience can be learned and developed. Here among the ways to build our personal resilience Make connections. Participating in civic groups, faith-based organization, or other groups may provide social support and… Read More ›

Daily Dozen

Here is the John C. Mazwell’s daily dozen Attitude – choose and deploy the right attitude daily Priorities – determine and act on important priorities daily Health – know and follow healthy practice and guideline Family – communicate with and… Read More ›

Give up Labels

Most people construct their identities using different classifications to separate themselves from others. They value others and themselves based on their career choices.  Or, they prioritize people according to their looks, beliefs and social status.  But we need to know… Read More ›

Give up Complaining

Complaining is fun. But . . . Complaining makes us feel deprived as it encourages the illusion that our life can’t change unless the outside world changes significantly. Trust that our perception of the world actually depends on how we… Read More ›