Intellectual Proofs on Muhammad’s Prophethood

1. The Prophet (pbuh) was unlettered. He did not know how to read or write.…


Prophet’s Manners & Characteristics: Richness and Contentment of the Heart

‘I entered the Messenger’s house and I found him sitting on a mat. He had a leather pillow stuffed with fibers. He had a pot of water by his feet, and there was some clothes hung on the wall. His side had marks due to the mat that he lay on. Umar wept when he saw this, and the Messenger (pbuh) asked him: ‘Why do you weep?’ Umar said: ‘O Prophet of God! Khosrau and Caesar enjoy the best of this world, and you are suffering in poverty?!’ He said: ‘Aren’t you pleased that they enjoy this world, and we will enjoy the Hereafter?’ (Bukhari #4629)

Prophet’s Manners & Characteristics: Fearing God, and Being Mindful of Him

“[Once] the Messenger of God (pbuh) said to me: ‘Recite to me from the Qur’an!’ Abdullah b. Masood said: ‘Shall I recite it to you, while it was you to whom it was revealed?!’

The Prophet (pbuh) said: ‘Yes.’

He said: ‘I started to recite Surat an-Nisaa, until I reached the verse:
“How then if We brought from each nation a witness, and We brought you as a witness against these people!” (4:41)Upon hearing this verse, the Messenger of God (pbuh) said: ‘That is enough!’

Abdullah b. Masood said, ‘I turned around and saw the Messenger of God (pbuh) crying.’

Prophet’s Manners & Characteristics: Patience

The Messenger of God (pbuh) was the epitome of patience. He was patient with his people before calling them to Islam; for they would worship idols and do sinful acts. He was patient and tolerant with the abuse and harm the pagans of Makkah inflicted on him and his Companions and sought the reward of God. He was also patient and tolerant with the abuse of the hypocrites in Madeenah.

Prophet’s Manners & Characteristics: Patience and Forbearance & The story of the Rabi who accepted Islam because of it

“Once, I was walking with the Messenger of God (pbuh) while he was wearing a Yemeni cloak with a collar with rough edges. A Bedouin grabbed him strongly. I looked at the side of his neck and saw that the edge of the cloak left a mark on his neck. The Bedouin said, ‘O Muhammad! Give me [some] of the wealth of God that you have.’ The Messenger of God (pbuh) turned to the Bedouin, laughed and ordered that he be given [some money].”

Prophet’s Manners & Characteristics: Mercy and Compassion

“A man came to the Prophet (pbuh) and said: ‘O Messenger of God! By God! I do not pray Fajr prayer because so and so lengthens the prayer.’ He said: ‘I have never seen the Messenger of God (pbuh) deliver a speech in such an angry state.’ He said: ‘O People! Verily there are among you those who chase people away! If you lead people in prayer, shorten the prayer. There are old and weak people and those with special needs behind you in prayer.’ ” (Bukhari #670)