Goal Setting

Road to Resilience

Resilience is “bouncing back” or adapting from difficult experiences. Resilience can be learned and developed. Here among the ways to build our personal resilience Make connections. Participating in civic groups, faith-based organization, or other groups may provide social support and… Read More ›

Tips for defining SMART objectives

When defining your project objectives, think SMART. Each objective should be: Specific. Clearly defines the details of what is to be accomplished. Measurable. Gauges success using either quantitative or qualitative assessments. Action-oriented. Identifies concrete behaviors or processes. Realistic. Can be achieved given existing constraints,… Read More ›

Captures your Goals Lesson Learnt

Postmortem on Progress & Lessons Learnt Whether or not you successfully reaches your goals, it’s important to capture any lessons you learned from working on them. Once you identify these lessons, you can begin to apply them as you develop… Read More ›

SMART-up Your Goals

  Goals need to be expressed very clearly. When you explicitly state your goals from the beginning, you create a shared understanding of what you plan to accomplish and strengthen your team’s commitment to doing so. Also, you’ll be less… Read More ›

Why goals matter?

Goals  and goals settings are crucial to personal and professional success. In contrast to New Year’s resolutions—which rarely include a plan for how to accomplish them—goals provide a sense of purpose to your activities. Goals also make you accountable for… Read More ›