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Communication Skill

Listen up – This is Important

Learning this underused, empathic skill can reduce conflict at work Research suggests that the average adult spends about three-quarters of their waking hours communicating with other people in some form. But while nearly half of that time, more than any… Read More ›


Jangan Terburu-Buru Berbicara

Asy-Syaikh Shalih al-Fauzan hafizhahullah berkata: ما لم تتأكد منه لا تتكلم به، وإذا تأكدت منه اصبر هل فيه مصلحة أم ليس فيه، إن لم يكن فيه مصلحة، اتركه، احفظ لسانك عما لا فائدة فيه. “Hal-hal yang belum engkau pastikan kebenarannya… Read More ›

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