Climate Change

Carbon Pricing Isn’t Working

Today, 42 countries and 25 sub-national jurisdictions, which together produce about a quarter of global carbon emissions, either operate under or plan to impose a carbon pricing program. Unfortunately, the policy has not shown significant results in reducing global carbon emissions.

Sowing Doubt

Industries hiring scientists to sow public doubt is not a new strategy. For example. . . The tobacco industry did it, beginning in the 1950s. It raised doubts to delay regulatory action against cigarettes. This strategy worked for decades. Chemical… Read More ›

The science of climate change

Professional scientific inquiry process is based on checks and balances which evolves over the centuries. Scientist build their reputations by discovering new things based on reproducible evidence which shall withstands their peers’ informed and rigorous scrutiny. Overcoming ‘good faith skepticism’… Read More ›