Things we shouldn’t care

Here are some of the things we shouldn’t care about

  • Others opinions & POV (Point of Views)
  • Our past, the only way is up. Therefore, don’t let our past hold us back.
  • Don’t care for revenge, forgive and forget and don’t was our precious time.
  • Being liked by everyone. That’s not even possible.
  • Giving others powers over our emotions. Always strive to remain in control.

10 Laws of Trust

“Law 1: Start with Personal Integrity”

“Law 2: Invest in Respect”

“Law 3: Empower Others”

“Law 4: Measure What You Want to Achieve”

“Law 5: Create a Common Dream”

“Law 6: Keep Everyone Informed”

“Law 7: Embrace Respectful Conflict”

“Law 8: Show Humility”

“Law 9: Strive for Win-Win Negotiations”

“Law 10: Proceed with Care”