(Blogging) “Lifestyle Business”

“Today you can use the Internet to design your lifestyle and career around the interests, hobbies and businesses that most interest you.”


(Blogging) Starting a business

“Financial freedom has a lot to do with cultivating a deeper perspective of life, a shift in priorities and a greater significance in your purpose than you may have ever thought about.”

Process Improvement

Key take-away Plan a business process improvement Analyze a business process Redesign a business process Implement a redesigned process Continually measure, monitor and adjust the process (PDCA) Understand Business Process Improvement In order to achieve lasting improvements, adopt a business… Read More ›

Trust Equals Faith

What is trust? Trust is a basic requirement for all human activity. Trust connotes optimism. To demonstrate trust, you must show faith in someone or something else. Trust implies voluntary vulnerability.  Trust means taking risks, often before you have proof… Read More ›