Levels of Trust

So, What is the ‘levels’ of trust? Well, if we were to consider examples of low trust scenarios. (1) The likes of a prisons are entirely “no-trust,” places where coercion and punishment forces inmates to behave. (2) Dictatorships are low-trust… Read More ›

Dealing with a difficult boss

Bosses can be difficult in a wide range of ways. For instance, they may constantly change their minds, be unavailable, or micromanage every aspect of their people’s work. Some might even verbally abuse employees or manipulate direct reports with promises… Read More ›

Giving your boss feedback

You see your boss in a variety of settings, client and team meetings, presentations, one-on-ones, negotiations. That gives you insight into his or her strengths and weaknesses and their impact on others. You may wonder if you should share your… Read More ›

How to establish credibility

It’s a note worth taking a look at. Credibility is the cornerstone of persuasion and negotiation. If you don’t have it, your boss may not commit time or resources to ideas you’re proposing. Credibility can be understood like this: Trust… Read More ›

Asking boss for what you want

Many people feel uncomfortable approaching their bosses to discuss salary, promotions, and professional development opportunities. But unless you do, you are unlikely to get what you want. By discussing your needs, you open the door to a win-win situation: You… Read More ›

Your boss expectation of you

I’m sure that almost everyone at some point in their career life wondering about their bosses expectation of them. At a minimum, your boss expects you to – Produce. You need to create the expected results your boss has to answer… Read More ›

Your boss’s boss

Your boss advocates for you and supports your career development. But he likely still has to get the approval of his boss for your pay increases and developmental opportunities. To better understand your role in the organization and advance in your career,… Read More ›

Extra benefit of managing your boss

Among other benefit in addition to getting you the information and guidance, insight, resources, and development opportunities you need, effectively managing your boss helps you: Make difficult decisions. Your boss will be better able to support you by providing advice, drawing… Read More ›

Tips on managing long-distance boss

At times, especially in a multinational organization, you will experience a case of long distance relationship with your boss. Partnering with your boss when you are in separate locations presents a different set of challenges than when you are in… Read More ›