Gift of Imperfection

Let’s cultivate each of these traits: “Authenticity” by “letting go of what others think”;  “Self-compassion” by rejecting “perfectionism”; A “resilient spirit” by relinquishing feeling numbed and helpless; “Gratitude and joy” by giving up “scarcity and fear of the dark”; “Intuition”… Read More ›

How to Become an Authentic Speaker

You rehearsed your speech thoroughly and mastered that all-important body language. But when you delivered the talk, you sensed little enthusiasm in your audience. What’s going on? You’re probably coming across as artificial. The reason: When we rehearse specific body… Read More ›

Establishing Your Authenticity

There is no one right way to establish and manage your authenticity. But there are conscious steps you can take to help others perceive you as an authentic leader. Some of these steps entail building up knowledge about your true… Read More ›

Skill for being REAL you

Being real means knowing how to act with authenticity by clarifying what’s important regardless wherever you are, at whatever you’re doing and with whomever you doing it. This requires you to: Know what matters. Embody values consistently. Align actions with… Read More ›