Abu Bakr

Abu Bakr in the Holy Quran

References in the Holy Quran. Abu Bakr has the unique distinction of being referred to in the Holy Quran in several verses. Al-Bara’at. In Sura “A1-Bara’at’, there is a reference to Abu Bakr in the following verse: “He being the… Read More ›

Distinctions of Abu Bakr.

¬†Abu Bakr was a man of many distinctions. A study of his life reveals that in many respects he had the unique distinction of being the first or the topmost person. Hereunder we attempt to catalogue the main distinctions of… Read More ›

Death of Khalifa Abu Bakr

Illness of Abu Bakr. On the 7th of Jamadi-ui-Akhir of the 1 3th A H. corresponding to the 8th of August 634 C.E, Abu Bakr fell sick, and out of this sickness he never recovered. There are two accounts about… Read More ›