Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2020

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Social media marketing experienced severe turbulence in 2018. Increasing privacy concerns around handling user data, changes to Facebook’s algorithm to deprioritize branded content and the continuing rise of Instagram all contributed to a changing marketing ecosystem.

If you’re looking to maximize ROI and convert likes into sales, you need a strategy.

The following 5 steps might benefit those interested in getting their social media marketing strategy up and running in 2020.

(1) Set goals that address your biggest challenges

Define realistic social marketing goals according to budget and resources.
If the goal is raising brand awareness, then creating content that tells customers who you are is more apposite than sales-based messages – but be aware of the sweet spot between the two is small.

If achieving better sales is the aim, then efficient targeting is critical. Goals can include gaining better industry knowledge or creating advocates for your brand.

Still, whatever goals you define, a streamlined strategy is better than one with numerous offshoots.

(2) Research your audience

Customers’ demographic data are accessible via multiple sources. Combined with analytics tools, user data can help define which networks and what content to use. More women than men use Pinterest, but if you’re targeting the under-30 consumer, Instagram is essential.

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(3) Establish your most important metrics

Regardless of the goals pursued, the overarching aim is to generate sales. Tracking the clicks a campaign generates can reveal buying patterns. Still, many other metrics can measure a user’s level of interaction and sentiment toward the posts or hashtags used.

(4) Dig into what your competitors are doing

Understanding your competition’s use of social media can help define your strategy. Two entirely different approaches in ice cream are Halo Top, which uses artistic videos with witty captions, and Ben & Jerry’s, which actively supports user-generated political content.

(5) Create and curate engaging social content

Producing consistent content is difficult, but themed content can help. Allowing your customers to join in and post photos or videos can help generate loyalty and reduce your workload.


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