Inspirasi Khutbah Nouman Ali Khan — Book Review

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Naskhah ini diinspirasikan daripada khutbah Ustaz Nouman Ali Khan. Ia diterjemahkan secara verbatim (word by word) bagi memberikan aura bahawa pembaca benar-benar sedang mendengar khutbah beliau secara langsung. Ia sudah pasti memberikan ‘rasa’ yang berbeza berbanding membaca terjemahan yang diolah semula.


The Book Review

Inspirasi Khutbah Nouman Ali KhanInspirasi Khutbah Nouman Ali Khan by Nouman Ali Khan
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Would be better if it’s in english.

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Personally, it is a transcript of Ustadz Nouman Ali Khan lectures. The book itself contains 10 of his lecture with a little bit of summary and key reading notes at each transcript.

It is in Malay and the verbatim translation might be lost for words at times. However, generally speaking, the transcript is good enough.

The 10 lectures selected for the transcript arguably the best his given prior to the release of this book. And the insight from the glorious Quran is made simple by his humanly touch on the subject. I wish there’re a lot more Quran teacher with his mould, making the Quran much more relatable and easy to digest.

Overall a fine read. Great effort by all involved.

However, since it is verbatim, I would prefer to listen to the lecture myself. But in the hindsight, the book does manage to point out some of the points I might miss while listening to the lecture.

I would recommend this to those who love the works of Nouman Ali Khan. I do have my own collection of Nouman Ali Khan transcript. You can check them out here.



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