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Quick Note on Oil & Gas Field Life Cycle

Typical field life cycle are as per table below: 1 Acquisition The process involves prospecting, screening, evaluating, bidding, and winning acreage. Also include estimating Expected Volume of reserves. 2 Exploration Various consideration need to be look at.This might include distance… Read More ›


8 Practices Successful Delegation

The book, Hidden Value: How Great Companies Achieve Extraordinary Results with Ordinary People claim that there’s mounting evidence that delegating more responsibility for decision increases productivity, morale, and commitment (sense of owning it), which would impact the company culture. If… Read More ›

How to count certain ‘text’ in excel table for specific word?

Formula  =SUMPRODUCT((LEN(table range)-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(table range,text,””)))/LEN(text)) Example: The scenario is I wanted to count how many times does a person (text) appeared in the monthly schedule based on the duty roster. MONTH RANGE #1 RANGE #2 Jan-19 LE MAB Feb-19 YS THL… Read More ›

Liquid interacting forces, saturation and displacement

This particular topic crucial in development of the mathematical understanding of dynamic fluid movement within reservoirs. When 2 or more fluids exist within a reservoir (multiphase system) the number of interacting forces increases and thus the complexity of the simulated… Read More ›

What’s 3 metering system categories ?

Metering System Categories Custody transfer – forms the basis for contractual arrangements between sellers and buyers, different producers and owners and government. Allocation – meant for allocation or production entitlement involving two parties or more. Well test / Operational –… Read More ›

Where does PDA 1974 stated that PETRONAS owns the hydrocarbon in Malaysia?

In the section 2 of the Petroleum Development Act, 1974, PETRONAS is vested with the entire ownership in, and the exclusive rights, powers, liberties and privilege of exploring, exploiting, winning and obtaining petroleum lying onshore or offshore of Malaysia.

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