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Wellhead and X-mas Tree Integrity

Abbreviation note: CDFT : Critical Device Function Test ( CDFT ) using well bore pressure on Christmas tree valves SCSSV : Surface Control Subsurface Valve SITHP : Shut in tubing head pressure Note: Allowable leak  rate is 100psi/min X-mas tree… Read More ›


Malaysia’s Petroleum Development Act 1974

PETROLIAM NASIONAL BERHAD, or known as PETRONAS, is Malaysia’s state-owned integrated oil and gas multinational company established in 1974. It has grown and expanded faster than its relatively young age would suggest, especially internationally, while at the same time continues… Read More ›

Storage Of Crude And Natural Gas Liquids

       CONTENTS             1    INTRODUCTION                  2    PRODUCT STORAGE CONSIDERATIONS                         2.1  Economics                         2.2  Safety Considerations             3    BASIC STORAGE                         3.1  Atmospheric Storage                         3.2  Pressure Storage                         3.3  Refrigerated Storage             4    NON-CONVENTIONAL STORAGE                         4.1  Subsurface… Read More ›

Safety Consideration for Storage Of Crude And Natural Gas Liquids

SAFETY Elements contributing to facility safety include design practices, operating controls, operating practices, and effective maintenance.  This discussion highlights some important considerations in these areas.  Design Safety Incorporating safety features into Incorporating safety features into a facility design does not… Read More ›

Refrigerated Storage For Natural Gas Liquids

Refrigerated storage has been applied to liquefied hydrocarbon gases.  Typically, these fall within the range of methane to butane and have boiling points of -259°F to +31°F.  Refrigerated storage facilities generally include a refrigeration system to minimize product loss as… Read More ›

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