Oil & Gas Notes

My notes around the oil & gas industry

Global Warming, How Big Oil Navigate the future?

The public increasingly demands greater emissions transparency and government regulations for the oil and gas sector. Meanwhile, evolving technologies and consumer attitudes makes gauging demand for their products more difficult, and oil and gas companies may find it increasingly difficult… Read More ›


Liquid Hydrocarbon (crude oil) Lab Analysis

Density Glass Hydrometer Method (ASTM D-1298) For stabilized hydrocarbon sample (preferred method) ASTM D-1298 Stabilized liquid hydrocarbon sample is cooled to approximately 15°C or 60°F (depending on the liquid pour point) and transferred into a hydrometer jar. Find observed density… Read More ›

What meter used for liquid hydrocarbon transfer purpose?

Turbine Meter & PD Meter Turbine meter and positive displacement (PD) meters are normally used to measure liquid hydrocarbon for custody transfer purpose. Turbine meter has been the meter of choice for measuring liquid hydrocarbon for custody transfer and allocation… Read More ›

Malaysia Oil and Gas Business: A brief legal introduction

Petroleum Income Tax Act 1967 New tax and investment initiatives introduced particularly under Petroleum Income Tax Act 1967 to promote oil and gas exploration activities. Economic Transformation Program (ETP) Launch 25 September 2010 Part of National Transformation Program Goal to… Read More ›

Malaysia Crude Oil Terminal Requirement

This is the regulatory requirement for getting the crude oil terminal up and running in Malaysia. Trade License for terminal (state regulations). Storage License (Federal regulation, under KPDNHEP). Petroleum license (Federal regulations, under KPDNHEP, PDA 1974) . Terminal gazetted as… Read More ›

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