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(Oil & Gas Note) My hand written note on Darcy’s Law

Here’s my written note on Darcy’s Law for safekeeping.


(Well Test) Falloff Test

A fallout test measures the pressure decline subsequent to the closure of an injection. It’s conceptually identical to a buildup test. As with injection tests, falloff test interpretation is more difficult if the injected fluid is different from the original… Read More ›

Multi Rate Test (MRT)

Well tests conducted at a series of different flow rates for the purpose of determining well deliverability, typically in gas wells where non-Darcy flow near the well results in a rate-dependent skin effect. Multiple-rate tests are sometimes required by regulatory bodies.

PPS Gauges Memory Gauge

The PPS28 is developed for critical well testing by utilizing the high accurate and stable quartz sensors. PPS28 gauge is one of the most rugged and reliable quartz tools with low power consumption. MAJOR APPLICATIONS Drill Stem Tests Production Tests… Read More ›

How Does Core Analysis Work?

Core analysis is a way of measuring well conditions downhole by studying samples of reservoir rocks, core analysis gives the most accurate insight into the porosity and permeability, among other characteristics, of the well