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Book Review

my brutal honesty and transparency about the books I’ve read

Strategic Doing: Ten Skills for Agile Leadership

Today’s world is a complicated one, and there’s a lot of more wicked problem around that needs solving. Hey, what’s a wicked problem? Wicked problems are ambiguous, and we may lack crucial information when we try to solve them. They change constantly, and… Read More ›


Know This: Today’s Most Interesting and Important Scientific Ideas, Discoveries, and Developments

When you ask a range of prominent thinkers to identify the most important scientific news of the day, and then you pull their answers together in a wide-ranging collection, it’s amazing what you get. Here’s what John Brockman manage to… Read More ›

15 Things You Should Give Up to Be Happy: An Inspiring Guide to Discovering Effortless Joy

A Horrifying Experience Luminita D. Saviuc had a dreadful experience as a child. She confessed to her father that she had stolen some sweets. Even though she had not done so and was confessing only to shield her siblings. The… Read More ›

The 10 Laws of Trust: Building the Bonds That Make a Business Great

Make these “10 laws of trust” central to your organization: Law 1: Start with Personal Integrity Promoting an organization as ethical only works if the leaders demonstrate integrity. If employees don’t see their senior executives as trustworthy, they will ignore… Read More ›

Ask More: The Power of Questions to Open Doors, Uncover Solutions, and Spark Change

Diagnostic Questions You may need to assess a situation quickly. Some professionals such as air traffic controllers, reporters, health care providers, plumbers, electricians and the like must do this for a living. Diagnostic questions start out open-ended, but they gradually become… Read More ›

The Courage Solution: The Power of Truth Telling with Your Boss, Peers, and Team

True To Yourself Telling the truth might be frown upon in corporations. Being honest requires courage and a willingness to be vulnerable to others, but it confers many surprising benefits. First, your career success depends on your relationships: with yourself,… Read More ›

Winning Well: A Manager’s Guide to Getting Results – Without Losing Your Soul

The Winning Well management model The Winning Well management model doesn’t require coercing people to perform for short-term results. Instead, it offers a formula for sustaining excellent performance over time in a positive work environment. Winning Well rests on a… Read More ›

How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie.

Fundamental Techniques in Handling People To master the art of winning friends and influencing people, first learn and practice the three basic principles of dealing with people. Constantly remind yourself of the importance of these tenets. Review them, and consider… Read More ›

Refuge: Rethinking Refugee Policy in a Changing World

Think of the forces that have led nearly 1% of the globe’s population, primarily Syrians and Libyans to risk their lives crossing the Mediterranean. Mass Violence Sparks a Worldwide Crisis The past decade has seen unprecedented levels of upheaval and with it,… Read More ›

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