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Social Networking and Blogging

Plan in advance for marketing on social networks. Have firm targets. Do not employ “overt, direct sales tactics.”

Social media is all about engagement. Become active in social networks by participating in conversations that take place in online forums and on “discussion boards.”

Be helpful with your comments, and online users will embrace you. Customize the information you provide via the social media.

For example, in Twitter, change your profile’s “background image.” Keep your blog totally transparent. Google’s AdSense program can be useful if your blog is in a website format. AdSense offers helpful information on where to place ads on your blog.

Limit the number of posts on each page so viewers will be more inclined to “click to the next grouping of posts, generating another page view and showing more ads for you.”

“Often, a dedicated landing page is a much simpler version of the standard Web page.”

Recommended Social Media Marketing Guides

If you’re interested in starting to make money online or even starting a blog. Please read How to start a Blog.

“Start testing immediately. A little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing.”


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