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Email Marketing

Email allows you to completely personalize your marketing communications. Your email list will shape your outcome. The best list is one you create yourself at the “point of sale or though sign-up forms” available on your site.

Purchased lists can be a waste of money. Microsoft Outlook and Google Gmail work well with small email lists. Use an email vendor once you start emailing thousands of people. Numerous vendors are online. Always test your email and refine the series of messages you send out. Make sure you have a strong subject line, a personalized salutation, compelling body copy and an effective sign-off (your name works best).

Be aware of potential legal problems with email marketing, such as state laws on mass emailing, any claims for your product that you can’t back up, or any inaccurate statements about competitors’ products or services.

“Boosting credibility … has an effect on boosting conversions.”

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“Start testing immediately. A little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing.”


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