(Blogging) 9 commandments for online marketing success

Follow these “nine commandments for online marketing success”:

  1. “Don’t worry about the technology” – The Internet can be daunting to newcomers, but don’t panic. Think of blogs and social networks as tools for promoting and marketing your work. Use RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feeds to “package” and circulate information that you post online. Connect to social networking sites to help you connect in a friendly way with your customers and prospects. Build your marketing strategy around these tools rather than reacting to the latest social-marketing fad.
  2. “Heed the interactive imperative” – The Internet is a two-way street. Use it to spread information, but don’t forget to listen as well. Use Web-based marketing to offer customers additional services, such as online ordering facilities, product demonstration videos or dispatch information.
  3. “Build customer relationships; don’t just chase sales” – Trying to create relationships with your clients using traditional media is too expensive to be practical. However, you can achieve this goal cost-effectively online.
  4. “Listen up! The ‘participation nation’ requires it” – Online, everyone has a voice. Engage with customers on your terms. Otherwise, they will engage with you on theirs.
  5. “Your profit potential depends on being more personal” – Web surfers don’t want to deal with impersonal corporations. They want to develop online acquaintances into friends. Friends give each other gifts. Offer “freemium giveaways.”
  6. “Grow beyond your Web site to a multichannel online ‘product presence’” – Provide e-mail newsletters, blogs, profiles on social networking sites, Google references, and online videos and photos.
  7. “Graduate from destination marketing to distributed engagement” – Online marketing is about targeting your message to specific groups. Establish a presence on the Web sites where your prime prospects spend their time. Engage with them to win them over. Use “pay-per-click keyword advertising” to target online searchers. Differentiate yourself from your competitors by making smart use of the Internet.
  8. “Nurture your brand’s reputation cloud” – The Internet has radically changed public relations, making print press releases into old news. Instead, generate “twitter chatter,” rankings on Amazon, photos on Flickr, blog posts and comments, and YouTube videos.
  9. “Publish or perish” – Use the Web to transform your products or services into online “superstars” and to extend your “fan” base. Use your blog to publish e-mail newsletters, or “noozles,” but if you don’t have something compelling to communicate, don’t post anything. Promote your professional expertise. Make sure that all of your online material is “evergreen” and will not quickly become dated. Don’t confine yourself to text; use video, teleseminars, podcasting and Internet radio. To evaluate your online marketing efforts, use “key performance indicator (KPI) metrics.”

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“Start testing immediately. A little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing.”


Author: Muhamad Aarif

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