Ways to deepen our self-awareness

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We can develop a more complete picture of our interest, values and skills from these several inputs:

Source of informationActivities
Self-reflectionImagine you’re at the end of your career, considering your legacy.
Finish these sentences:
“I am most proud of….” and “I wish I had done…”
Write down what you like best about yourself and where you struggle.
Colleagues, friends, and family Ask them to respond in writing to the following questions:
What seems to make me most fulfilled and excited?
What work should I stay away from, and why?
What is my reputation?What about myself do I have trouble seeing?
Although at times, it might hard to get a worthwhile answers.
Formal assessments Review past performance assessments and 360-degree feedback surveys to see how your manager and colleagues view you.
Take a personality test to gain insight about your innate preferences.
Tests are available online or through a human resources representative.
I’ve done quite a number of them to get a grasp on my personality. Since I might be the most blind to my own quirks and behaviors.

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