Importance of Self-Knowledge

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We need to know ourselves, and most of the time we thought we did.

Until we learnt otherwise, yesterday, I found out I might be a narcissist. Hence, taken a personality test, found out that I almost a narcissist, but not yet a narcissist. This is a valuable information for me, and will be a guide on how I deal with people afterwards.

Therefore, we need to know ourselves well, it’s affect our life meaning, career, opportunities, supports system and importantly, our happiness.

Among the things we need to know and be certain about ourselves are:

  • Our core interest.
  • Our values system. Getting better and achieving milestones which don’t agree with our value system will lead to further frustration and unhappiness.
  • Our strongest skills. Knowing this would help us to market ourselves better.
  • Our weaknesses. Focus on our strength, but improving on our weakness is also important.

with this understanding, we can determine and chart our career and life better, either by:

  • Which job opportunities and activities which give us the most meaning
  • What things motivate us the most
  • What our preferable working environment, but beware, comfort zone might be dangerous to remain in.
  • What abilities we possess and what skills we need to develop.

In short, it’s important to periodically assess our career priorities. Just because we can do a job well, doesn’t necessarily meant it’s the one that satisfied us the most.


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