How to identify our ‘Work Values’

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When our work values are in sync with our career, then, our career will be most satisfying. Work values reflect the opportunities and the kind of rewards that motivate us the most on our job.

Especially, this few years seems to be the year of glorifying ‘entrepreneurship’ , but not everyone cut out to be entrepreneurs. I on the other hand, loves to do both.

Before we delved into work values, lets be clear, there are no wrong values, and people are motivated up to some degree by many different ones. And these values might change over the years.

And as we reflect on our work values,

  • Try your best to identify which values are most important to you, and which career opportunities that supports them. Be honest about it. You really don’t want to be successful in goals that weren’t yours.
  • Now, your current job might not provide the rewards that match your values, hence, try to discuss your concerns with your superior and follow up on them. We likely be most productive when we’re happy on the job.
  • If needed, propose an adjustment. For example, you might be highly compensated, but one of your strongest values is lifestyle flexibility.
    The answer? You might need to take a salary or bonus reduction in exchange for 4-days workweek (in a shift for example), but on the other hand, if financial reward is a major motivator for you, perhaps you need to consider staying in your current role.

Among work values are as per table below –

Work valuesif you care about …
Financial reward Salary, bonuses, benefits, stock options, and other opportunities for wealth creation
Intellectual stimulation Opportunities to try new things, expose yourself to a variety of ideas, and explore problems
Collegiality Chances to work with people you like and admire
Social mission An ability to help communities, spread ideas, and participate in positive change
Prestige Opportunities for recognition and influence
Lifestyle Chances for flexibility, independence, and work/life balance

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