How to build your personal brand?

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A personal brand is your calling card that is a shorthand explanation of how you stand out from the crowd.

For example

“.. agile contributor who handles pressure well. Or perhaps you’re a manager who excels in spotting and developing talent. 

In order to develop your personal brand, you need to understand and know your own interests, skills, and values.

Here what’s you need to do:

  • Discover how you are currently perceived. 
    Ask a handful of trusted advisers what they see as your strengths, and then identify common themes.
    Do an internet search on yourself to see what potential employers and network contacts are likely to learn about you before you meet.
  • Decide how you would like to be perceived. 
    Identify what skills you want to emphasize to stand out from the crowd and position yourself to achieve your career aspirations.
  • Develop distinctive skills and experiences that support your brand. 
    Do you have the skills and experiences to support your brand? What can you do to substantiate your brand claims?
    Take classes, pursue volunteer work, build informational networks, and seek job assignments that allow you to deepen your expertise and reputation.
  • Communicate your brand value. 
    Develop a short statement that captures your unique brand value. Take advantage of opportunities to make presentations, participate in online conversations, or write content for forums both inside and outside of your company. And build network connections that can spread word of your distinctive value.

In Summary

  • A well-crafted personal brand can separate you from the competition and create demand for the unique skills, knowledge, and services you can offer.
  • To create your personal brand, you must first define your brand idea that include “the unique, specific, and tangible value that only you can bring to a business situation.”
  • You should then ensure that everything about the way you look and act reinforces your brand idea.
  • Finally, you need to get others to sell your brand by advocating for you. 

Here how we can apply this in our life

  • Define your brand idea—the unique, specific, and tangible value that only you can bring to a business situation.
  • Now list all the ways in which your appearance and behavior can support your brand idea.
  • Work to get others to sell your brand by advocating for you. For example, consider using social media sites such as LinkedIn, where members can make recommendations for each other. And forge relationships with individuals in your organization who can sing your praises to influential decision makers. For this, some might call them your sponsors.

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