Discovering Our Core Interest

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Research suggest that people whose jobs match their strongest interests have the greatest likelihood of satisfaction. You can usually learn needed skills but it’s harder to build a sense of connection to work that doesn’t fulfill you.

A job that addresses your deep-seated interests will keep you energized and resilient. Keep you motivated.

Defining your core interests

Your core interests are those that draw your attention, curiosity, or concern.

For instance, you may have a core interest in quantitative analysis and spend your free time tracking the statistics of your favorite sport team. Or you may love to influence people through language and ideas and maybe interested in writing a personal blog

With respect to core interest, researchers have identified eight common core interests. You are likely motivated by more than one. From the looks of it, my core interest would be quantitative analysis, conceptual thinking, and enterprise control.

Our core interest if we…
Technology application Like to figure out how technology can be used to make life better. You are curious about how things work.
Quantitative analysis See data and numbers as the best—and sometimes only—way to figure out business solutions.
Conceptual thinking Enjoy developing theories and thinking and debating abstract ideas.
Creative production Love to turn original ideas into something tangible. You flourish in seeing and acting on possibilities.
Counseling and mentoring Find nothing more enjoyable than teaching and helping others.
Managing people and relationships Thrive on dealing with people and enabling them to produce results.
Enterprise control Prefer to be the “one in charge” and the decision maker. You like to be the final authority in the situation.
Influence through language and ideas Flourish in communication—whether written or spoken. You love to express ideas and to persuade others.

So, what’s yours?


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