Comfortable Clone Syndrome & Its effect on Innovation

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Comfortable Clone Syndrome :

When one surround themselves with those who think alike and who share similar interest and training.

Its effect on Innovation

Successful innovation rely on team filled with different cognitive approaches for data assimilation and problem solving. Which make the case for the benefits of a diverse team.

  • Left brain thinkers tend to approach a problem in a logical, analytical way.
  • Right brain thinkers rely more on non-linear, intuitive approaches. If I remembered correctly, Edward De Bono refers to different kind of thinking as wearing different colored hats. Maybe I’ll look into that later.
  • Some people prefer to work together to solve a problem, while others, like me, would prefer to be alone in a room with whiteboards.
  • Meanwhile, Abstract thinkers need to learn about something before they experience it, while for experiential people, it’s just the opposite.

Cognitive differences tend to be subtle, we really need to look for subtle ques, hence people don’t naturally appreciate their significance.

Managers who dislike conflict or who value only their own approach often fall victim to the comfortable clone syndrome. Even managers who value intellectual diversity may not realize how difficult it can be for people with different styles to understand or respect each other. But to achieve creative solution, you have to make the different approaches rub together in productive ways.

So, when choosing a team. Follow House MD footsteps.

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