Assessing Our Own Skills

An update on previous post on “prioritizing skills learning“. Read the previous article first, it might make more sense.

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No matter where we are, it’s always important to continually assessing our skills inventory and continue to keep on improving on them. When we have an inventory of our current skills and the ones we want to develop, we can set development goals. I used a personal agreement which I used to keep track of my goals and held myself accountable, each goal have their own rewards.

By being able to articulate our skills, we can make the case to our superior to support the argument that we’re ready for a bigger project or for greater role.

We can categories these skills in order to access and build our skill set. Begin by brainstorming a list of our existing skills.

These skills might include the following:

Technical expertise Developing software code, operating and maintaining equipment
Communicating Writing, speaking, translating
Analytics Record keeping, data management, data analysis
Emotional intelligence Connecting with people, conveying warmth, defusing conflict
Creativity Imagining, inventing, designing, engineering
Leadership Creating a vision, motivating others to follow
Project management Establishing and managing a schedule, anticipating barriers, troubleshooting

With the self-discovery of your own skills, try to review if you have any skills that are overlooked or underused? What’s your significant gap and how can you close it? And what’s the logical skills for you to develop next?

This will help us to focus our most valuable resources in growing ourselves. And that’s our limited time.

Again, I would recommend to read previous article on “How to prioritize the skills to learn right now?”

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