How to regain focus at work?

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In order to overcome distraction and regain focus, try take the following steps:

Don’t Multitasking

Start by understanding the impact that distractions, like a constantly pinging phone or quick Twitter break, have on your brain.

We have a network of brain structures related to focus. There’s the default mode network, which is responsible for analyzing the past, forecasting or planning for the future, and reflecting on oneself and others. We’re in this mode at least half of the time. But when you need to focus your mind, you tap into the direct attention network, which allows you to put aside ruminations and stay on task.

Distractions, in whatever form they take, pull you back into default mode, and the cognitive cost of regaining your focus is high. Some research shows it can take 10–18 minutes to get the same level of attention back.

Therefore, it is why it’s critical to reduce interruptions.

Embrace emotional response

Feeling overwhelmed can bring up a lot of emotions, namely frustration, anger, anxiety which will take a toll on your productivity. So embrace your emotion but control yourself. Don’t let your emotions swept you away.

“OK, I’m feeling angry, but who’s in charge — the anger or me, the person having the emotion?”

Take care of your body

If you’re tired and worn out, you’re going to be more vulnerable to feeling overwhelmed. It’s important to get enough sleep and exercise. Try to make tiny tweaks in your environment that improve your well-being. Take breaks, eat a healthy lunch, put your phone on silent. If you normally spend your lunch hour on Facebook, leave your phone behind and go outside for a walk instead.


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