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The Definition of Sincerity

فالقصد وجه الله بالأقوال وال … أعمال والطاعات والشكران

[36./(223.)] So the intention is to be for Allah’s Face, by words and deeds, acts of obedience and gratitude.

‘Abd al Rahmān al-Sa’dī (رحمه الله) explains:

The definition of sincerity is what he mentioned in the verse of poetry immediately afterwards: “So the intention is to be for Allah’s Face, by all words, deeds, acts of obedience, and gratitude.” Meaning that the person should not make his intention for anything except Allah’s Face.

He should not do so to be seen or heard, or for some selfish worldly reason, such as a person who gives charity, pays the poor-due, or is dutiful to their parents to forego some harm or multiply wealth by doing so, or hoping that his parents reciprocate with benevolence. Such a person has not intended Allah’s Face thereby, so it is upon him to seek Allah’s Face first and then he will achieve the aforementioned things secondly.

Book: Ibn al Qayyim’s Sincere Advice to Ahl al-Sunnah about the Obligation of Supporting the Truth – شرح وصية الإمام ابن القيم لنفسه ولسائر إخوانه من أهل السنة في وجوب نصرة الحق
With detailed explanatory notes from:
Ahmad bin ‘Isā al-Najdī (1253-1327 h.)
Abd al-Rahmān bin Nāsir al-Sa’dī (1307-1376 h.)
Muhammad Khalīl Harrās (1334-1395 h.)
Muhammad bin Sālih al ‘Uthaymīn (1347-1421 h.)
Sālih bin Fawzān al Fawzān (1354 h. – )
Translated & Compiled by: Abū Suhailah ‘Umar Quinn
Page: 133,134


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