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A finer look into emotion – expanding our emotional vocabulary

Broaden your emotional vocabulary

Tony Robbins said, words matter. Especially when it comes to our emotion.

If you’re experiencing a strong emotion, take a moment to consider what to call it. What exactly to call it. But don’t stop there. Once you identified it, try to come with two or more words that describe how you are feeling.

You might be surprised at the breadth of your emotions or that you’ve unearthed a deeper emotion buried beneath the more obvious one.

A List of Emotions

Above is a list of negative emotions, but it’s equally important to do this with ‘positive’ emotions as well.

Being able to say that you are excited about a new job (not just “nervous”) or trusting of a colleague (not just “he’s nice”), for example, will help you set your intentions for the role or the relationship in a way that is more likely to lead to success down the road.

Look at your emotion intensity

Intensity means a great deal since as the vocabulary chart above mentioned, every emotion comes in a variety of flavors.

Here’s an idea. How about trying to label your emotion on a scale of 1-10.


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