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3 ways to understand our emotion

Dealing with emotions can be very difficult. We’ve been trained to believe that strong emotions should be suppressed. And at times, we also have (sometimes unspoken) societal and organizational rules against expressing them. Or we actually never learned a language to accurately describe our emotions.

Current days, I would think anger and stress are two of the emotions we most commonly see in the workplace, or rather the term we use most frequently. These expression often mask for deeper feelings that we could and should describe in a more precise ways, which could be better to develop greater levels of emotional agility.

Emotional agility is a critical capability which enables us to interact more successfully with ourselves and the world. Personally our interaction with ourselves is much more critical to the outside world, our internal dialogue can either made or kill us.

Some research suggest that when people don’t acknowledge and address their emotions, they display lower well-being and more physical symptoms of stress, like headaches. On the greener side, having the right vocabulary allows us to see the real issue at hand – to take a messy experience, understand it better, and build a roadmap to address the problem.

Among the recognised solution to get in touch with our internal feelings and emotion would be, journaling.

Give it a shot and see what happens.


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