M3 PLUS sports smart band issues troubleshooting guide?

M3 PLUS smart band cannot record your walking steps?
It cannot charge power and cannot connected with your smartphone?

Read this guide to solve these problems.

If you find your M3 PLUS smart watch pedometer function doesn’t calculate your steps, can not charge, or cannot connect with your cell phone, please calm down, read this passage to check whether you match any of the below situations. If so, the corresponding solution is offered, just follow it to solve your issue.

M3 PLUS sports smart band

M3 PLUS smart watch doesn’t calculate the steps

● Check whether the band battery runs out. If so, please charge the watch through its original USB cable and use it later.

● The walking steps doesn’t meet the minimum trigger point.

The minimum trigger volume of M3 PLUS smart band is 20 steps. If you walk less than 20 steps, the number is still zero. Though the sensor is detecting and calculating the steps, it won’t present the number on the display. Please try to walk continuously more than 20 steps, you will find the pedometer is working normally.

● Maybe there are some tempered system errors happening on the watch. Connect the watch to the phone and reset it in the Veryfit 2.0 or Veryfit for heart rate app, then check whether the pedometer works normally.


M3 PLUS smart watch doesn’t connect with your phone

● Please check whether the Bluetooth function on your smart phone was opened. If no, please turn on your phone Bluetooth.

● Make your M3 PLUS close to your phone, You can’t connect it if they are too far away.

● If the above methods cannot work, try to re-download and install the APP or reset your band.

● Once all the mentioned ways are useless, it should be a hardware damage issue or the watch’s quality issue, please contact the after-sales service for help – send it back the factory to check and repair, exchange a new one, or refund.

M3 PLUS sports smart band

M3 PLUS smart watch cannot charge

● Make sure the contact surface of the charging metal pin is in good contact and keep it dry.

● Verify that the power adapter itself is normal and connected well.

● It is recommended to plug it in the USB port of the computer and turn it on again after two hours (please do not do anything while charging).


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