How to use wireless mouse on a iPad?

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With the pre-release of iPad OS, Apple introduced the long-awaited mouse support for iPad users for the first time, although this is only an entry helper feature that is not enabled by default. How can you use a wireless mouse on your iPad? How do I customize the mouse button? Let’s take a look.

The mouse tested on this site was the wireless Logitech MX Master 2S mouse.

Step 1 : pair

Open the Settings app and select the entry help function.

Open the Settings app

Click the additional touch switch in the Touch setting to turn it on.

Click the additional touch switch

Click “Pointing Device” below.


Make sure that the power switch of the Bluetooth mouse is on, and then click “Bluetooth device …”.

Bluetooth device

Select the mouse in the device list.

Select the mouse in the device list

Make sure that the pairing is complete.

Make sure that the pairing is complete
Step 2: set customize mouse buttons

When the extra touch is on and the mouse is paired, a circular mouse pointer similar to Little White Point is displayed on the iPad. Continue right-clicking on the “i” button to adjust the settings.


Select a custom mouse button.

Select a custom mouse button

You can click the mouse button you want to customize and select the desired shortcut function from the list, for example, the page key to call the background, the middle key lock, and so on.

You can click the mouse button

You can also adjust the speed at which the mouse pointer moves under the page with the additional touch settings or specify whether the menu should always be displayed.

It’s worth noting that starting with iOS 13, you can also use the mouse on iPhone, which should be suitable for users in colder winter areas, such as when wearing gloves.


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